Accountability and the Fallen Athlete


It seems every week or so we read or hear a story about a high profile athlete falling from grace. Whether it be Dustin Johnson for undisclosed reasons, Johnny Manziel going into rehab, Josh Hamilton admitting a relapse into drugs, or of course Tiger Woods’ infamous scandal, the hits keep coming.

Each case is as unique as the individual, but ultimately, there is a way to keep out of it. I preach it a lot, and some of these guys are figuring it out:

It’s all about being “grounded.” This is a way overused term, but I think it fits well here. When you face incredible scrutiny and receive tons of compensation and fame for what you do, vices will follow. They will trail you like a detective on a tv show. 1 Peter 5:8 has something to say about that.

So, to go with my title, what would I tell them?

I would simply tell them they need to get back to being themselves pre-fame in their activities and lifestyle (to a degree at least). They need to find purpose and have someone willing to hold them accountable and be present in their lives.

I stress it a lot on here, but in the toolbox of helpful ideas, Accountability (daily, hourly, weekly) is one of the most powerful modes of bringing about change.

Often times we just wont call our own bluff. We can lie to ourselves or just suppress feelings and realities. We can tell ourselves we are “under control” or we will “bear down” to beat something. Honestly, we often times don’t have the strength individually.

So, if you are reading this thinking “how am I going to turn the corner?” then think about partnering up with someone. Run through your goals, your hopes, your vices, your struggles, and let them help you tackle them by challenging you.


How an Ugly Car can Make you Rich!


You probably drive by one everyday. Full of new shiny cars with bright numbers and red tags in the windshield. New car lots. I am somewhat (although not full bore) of a Dave Ramsey subscriber. I do firmly agree that debtors are slaves to the lenders and I have seen the statistics and done the calculations to see what getting rid of a car payment and investing that money instead can do. It is nuts. Lets play this game.

So, you have 3,000 let’s say. You can 1. Put that as a down payment on a new car that costs 21,000. 2. Put that as a down payment on a used car for 10,000 and still feel pretty cool. Or…#3. Use that cash in hand to negotiate a deal on a not so new or pretty but reliable car. The average car payment in America is around 5 years (60months) and let’s be conservative and say $350.

Stick with me. Let’s buy the old car. So, I pocket and invest the money for those payments. Let’s say i make just under the market average and make it easy to calculate with 10% growth. Alright, so 350 a month payment for a year is $4,200. Plus 10% interest: $4,620. That’s your money!

Running that calculation for 5 years…..26,472.60… Of Your own money! Not owed. Can you afford a 10,000 car now? I’d hope so! And…if you kept saving and investing, you’d be able to do the same thing a few years later… Also, how much would that 21,000 car be worth at the end of 5 years? 5,000? Not a good investment.

Moral of the story: let your money work for you, instead of chasing around things on credit you can’t afford. It will keep you poor!

(Here is Dave’s example)

What is Stopping You?


What do you REALLY want to do? You know what I’m talking about. You just thought of something. You probably got here because you are looking for it.

getting into life coaching is something new for me. I discovered it by accident. I have noticed though, it suits my passions, skill-set, and abilities. I want to do it. But, admittedly, I’m just starting out, and it is slow going. Why?

There is this voice in my head listing off reasons why this is a bad idea

It’s hard to get into. You have never started your own business. You’re too young. You don’t know enough people. —all prominent things my mind tells me, and some things my wife tells me :).

The real question though, is “Do i have the guts?” I’ll bet this hasn’t ever happened to you. Well, if you are interested in getting your project or goals on the road, contact me. Let’s do this! Let me join your team and give you the final nudge to do that thing you REALLY want to do.

The Value of Rest


Rest is important. “Thanks for the new information, Zach.” As you can see, it has been some time since I posted. Basically, school started, softball season got busy, and life happened. My wife and I are expecting again in April, and so it should just get busier.

What I’ve noticed lately is the quality of my day is often associated with the sleep I get. I usually sacrifice that time on Facebook, streaming some show, or any number of other time fillers.

The thing is, those time fillers are robbing me.

They are robbing from my rest, peace, and therefore my long-term productivity. So, quite simply: fight for your sleep. See if you can get enough sleep that you wake up before your alarm goes off. Just. Try. It.

Baggage Fees


luggage-210049-mOne thing that every grown (and more and more youths) carry is baggage. Maybe it’s from a former relationship or friend; maybe it’s abuse, maybe it’s other family drama. All of these things weigh heavy on us and often times we carry that into our current relationships, our work, and our home lives. This baggage has a much greater fee than American Airlines charges. I can personally remember painful situations from my middle school and high school days. One thing that keeps us holding on to that baggage is neglecting to forgive someone. There is a difference between forgetting and forgiving as well. It doesn’t mean I restore my full trust in that person, either. It means I no longer hold that act against that person.

The thing about not forgiving someone is, it’s like you drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.

We hold onto our anger, we go there when things don’t go right. We even enjoy the feeling. Ultimately, it’s just holding you back from moving forward. Do yourself a favor and think about people you may be holding a grudge or remain angry towards. Does that person deserve your anger? Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t. Now say a prayer on their behalf. Ask God to make things right and to help that person. I guarantee you will feel better.

What forgiveness does is frees us up to live fully. No grudges, no burning anger; there is just opportunity. Jesus was asked by his disciples how often to forgive. He said not 7 times, not 70 times, but 70 x 7 times. I’m so glad God deals with us better than we deal with each other.

So today, drop that baggage and start living free from that grudge!