The Nuts and Bolts of Financial Freedom


So, you have some debt. When you owe people, you can feel the weight on your shoulders. You know that any big financial problem or trial in your life could completely turn you on your head.

The best place to start to get yourself out of that position is to make a budget. If nothing else, get started by listing out your expenses in a month and the income you take home. (Don’t look at your gross income, that will just make you sick 🙂 )

Then look at where your money goes. Do you spend a lot on things you shouldn’t? Do you waste a lot of money? Chances are, if you aren’t working off a concrete, written-down budget you are letting money fall out of your wallet daily.

Take some time to write these things down. Physically. Then take a week, month, or a couple months to actually track where your money goes. You may be shocked at all the holes you have in your finances.

Homework: Track your spending for 2 weeks (or however long your pay-period is) Then evaluate whether you can do some trimming, or whether you need to find some more income!


What is Stopping You?


What do you REALLY want to do? You know what I’m talking about. You just thought of something. You probably got here because you are looking for it.

getting into life coaching is something new for me. I discovered it by accident. I have noticed though, it suits my passions, skill-set, and abilities. I want to do it. But, admittedly, I’m just starting out, and it is slow going. Why?

There is this voice in my head listing off reasons why this is a bad idea

It’s hard to get into. You have never started your own business. You’re too young. You don’t know enough people. —all prominent things my mind tells me, and some things my wife tells me :).

The real question though, is “Do i have the guts?” I’ll bet this hasn’t ever happened to you. Well, if you are interested in getting your project or goals on the road, contact me. Let’s do this! Let me join your team and give you the final nudge to do that thing you REALLY want to do.