Accountability and the Fallen Athlete


It seems every week or so we read or hear a story about a high profile athlete falling from grace. Whether it be Dustin Johnson for undisclosed reasons, Johnny Manziel going into rehab, Josh Hamilton admitting a relapse into drugs, or of course Tiger Woods’ infamous scandal, the hits keep coming.

Each case is as unique as the individual, but ultimately, there is a way to keep out of it. I preach it a lot, and some of these guys are figuring it out:

It’s all about being “grounded.” This is a way overused term, but I think it fits well here. When you face incredible scrutiny and receive tons of compensation and fame for what you do, vices will follow. They will trail you like a detective on a tv show. 1 Peter 5:8 has something to say about that.

So, to go with my title, what would I tell them?

I would simply tell them they need to get back to being themselves pre-fame in their activities and lifestyle (to a degree at least). They need to find purpose and have someone willing to hold them accountable and be present in their lives.

I stress it a lot on here, but in the toolbox of helpful ideas, Accountability (daily, hourly, weekly) is one of the most powerful modes of bringing about change.

Often times we just wont call our own bluff. We can lie to ourselves or just suppress feelings and realities. We can tell ourselves we are “under control” or we will “bear down” to beat something. Honestly, we often times don’t have the strength individually.

So, if you are reading this thinking “how am I going to turn the corner?” then think about partnering up with someone. Run through your goals, your hopes, your vices, your struggles, and let them help you tackle them by challenging you.


Planning, Failing, all that Jazz


Do you have a 5 year plan? A 1 year plan? 6 Month? Still struggling day to day on what to do?

A wise man once said “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it everytime.” Unless we are going to set some goals and get concrete in our productivity and mission, we really are at best treading water.

Maybe your goal needs to be finding a job: Set out to research jobs, locations you would want to work, and things you are qualified for. Maybe you need to set out a quantity of job applications you want to put out there a week?

Maybe it’s skill development or furthering education? Maybe it’s financial.

The key is to really spend some time thinking. I promise you that finding a concrete goal is the first part of getting some forward momentum in your daily life. The second part is finding someone to come alongside and join you to keep you honest. (Accountability)

Homework: Set up a plan for some aspect of your life. Make sure you can measure the goal, that it is specific, and it has deadline. Then find someone (like me) to help focus that goal and get you moving toward it. Direction + Passion= Abundant life.

Accountability…Successful Motivation



Uh oh. Sounds like someone is in trouble.

I have found over the years that the best way for me to stay on track is to bring others along in a journey with me. If I need to accomplish something I haven’t been able to do before, I’m probably going to need encouragement. I’m going to need a stern voice telling me to pick it up. I’m going to need someone to help remove any distractions or temptations. I’m going to need someone to hold me to my word.

The thing is, in our digital age people are closer than ever, yet further apart than any time in history. We don’t really know many people. We don’t open up to people due to fear of embarrassment, judgment, or guilt or fear. That’s another reason I’m life coaching. I think it’s very very powerful to open up your goal to another person who you know is going to be there for you. What you’ll find out when you bear your burdens is, that everyone else is in the same boat.

We are all still trying to figure it out.

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What Can Coaching Do For You?


Here are my goals in coaching:

1. Develop or discover the goals the client has

2. Refine and focus those goals

3. Set concrete, tangible benchmarks to get to that point.

4. Provide resources necessary to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional goals

5. Provide the most powerful tool in Coaching: Accountability– more on this to come

Ultimately, I want to play for your team and provide the extra energy, skills, and structure you need to achieve what you are seeking.