My Life would be so much better if…….?


Most likely you filled in that sentence, or you are doing it now.

  • A fulfilling relationship with someone who “gets” me
  • Financial stability
  • A feeling of fulfillment or purpose at work
  • A career that matches passions and skill-set
  • The ability to prioritize responsibilities and tasks

I can think of a few myself. I often get wrapped up in these things: what’s next, what can I get, who can I beat? What is that really about though? For the rich, there is never enough.

True, ultimate fulfillment only comes from realizing your ultimate purpose in God’s plan.

I also believe tapping into your resources and God-given talents and abilities and using them for the greater good is where you find yourself most happy.

So, I’d love to hear from you…what’s one answer to the title question, and one thing you are gifted or able to do that you can do to serve? Let me know in the comments below!


What Can Coaching Do For You?


Here are my goals in coaching:

1. Develop or discover the goals the client has

2. Refine and focus those goals

3. Set concrete, tangible benchmarks to get to that point.

4. Provide resources necessary to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional goals

5. Provide the most powerful tool in Coaching: Accountability– more on this to come

Ultimately, I want to play for your team and provide the extra energy, skills, and structure you need to achieve what you are seeking.

Bend, but Don’t Break!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlexibility. It’s a good thing in athletics. We stretch all the time to prevent injuries from vigorous use of different muscle groups. What can this tell us about how we respond to life’s curveballs?

Allowing our muscles to fully extend allows them greater flexibility and develops a greater range of motion, which leads to enhanced athleticism. From a mental perspective, flexibility is also a great way to prevent injury. The times I’m most frustrated at work or feel the least amount of patience is when a wrench gets thrown into my plans or routine. Life happens. People do silly things. Things come up. The difference between coming out of it with your peace intact is flexibility. If I expect everything to run according to my schedule and on my terms, I’m going to spend much of my life frustrated. However, if I anticipate and expect things to come up to interrupt my life pattern, I’m going to be ready and patient when many people are feeling what I would normally feel.

If we can’t around life’s challenges, we will most certainly break

What gain is there in flexibility? At work I might be the peacemaker. The boss may recognize me as a leader with a level head. This is never a bad thing. In life: If I come home from work after having things thrown my way and reacting to them poorly, likely my wife will have to bear some of that frustration. If I’m flexible, I will come home without that extra baggage.

So today, recognize stuff is going to come up that will be completely out of your control. Just roll with the hurdles the best you can realizing you are just getting more flexible and retaining the peace you want and projecting the calm strength you want others to see in you. Have a great day!

It’s Friday (Thanks for ruining that, Rebecca Black)


Friday in America is very synonymous with payday. We finally get what we’ve earned over the past week, two weeks, or a month if you are a teacher (why do we have to do it monthly?). Majority of America will take that check, run out and pay bills and blow the rest, leaving little for savings or a rainy day fund.

We seek the immediate gratification over the peace of financial responsibility and stability

“Man, making a budget is fun!”-said nobody. Ever. However, you will find out a lot about your spending habits, your values, and how much you are actually blowing on that run to Starbucks 3 times a week. It adds up! It’s really simple. Just add all of your income and write it down in a column, labeling each item. Then make a column of Expenses. List all of these for a month and be as specific in your categories as you can (you can simplify this more later). You will be on your way to tracking where your money went. To adapt what Dave Ramsey says, you will go from wondering where your money went to happening to your money. Successful people happen to life (dictate, attack, are active) instead of reacting to what happens.the-stack-282926-m

Why Direction Relates to Joy


There I was graduating college with a degree in Broadcasting. I really didn’t know what I wanted, other than I knew I wasn’t going to be working in that field. Ironic, wasn’t it? I didn’t want to work the crazy hours for so little pay in events I had no interest in.

As I sat on my rental house’s couch for the next couple weeks (after being deceived into thinking it was a great idea to just hang out for a semester) I watched my bank account drain.

I also felt a tug in my heart to go after something.

I found that life was much more fun with a goal in mind or something to achieve. I really didn’t know what that was though. I stumbled across substitute teaching (because that was the quickest way to employment.) I found out I loved spending my day with the kids, interacting with them and listening to their stories. I had found something I really enjoyed. I actually eagerly looked forward to that call at 6 the next morning that would ask if I could come in and fill in for a teacher.

I found myself up out of bed, motivated to do a good job (which is also fulfilling) and to do it again the next day. I eventually figured out that I wanted to do it full time. So, now I teach. I had goals formed and a direction set and I was able to get to the finish line, all the while seeing things come together to reach it.

Do you have an idea of where you want to end up? Maybe not in a career, but in relationships, in income, in your relationship with God? Let’s hear what you think. Feel free to comment!

Why a life coach?


Maybe another question would be, why not?

I currently teach High School in the Midwest. I also coach. I have found that I enjoy mentoring and relationships far more than the heavily structured curriculum and strenuous standards I have to constantly meet. I’d much rather make someone’s day than see them get a computer program down pat (not that I would mind either one).

What I really want to do is…..Make a difference. I am a firm believer in finding something to do that you feel passionate about, fits into the “big picture” of your life, and that can be tangibly reached through the proper process and preparation.

The name of my blog has to do with what my pastor is always saying. He says he wants to be “fully alive,” and he won’t take anything less. Jesus said he came to give abundant life. I want that for myself, and I definitely desire that for my clients. As an individual trying to find your niche, you need to ask yourself: What is the point of this? (Purpose), What is my goal and how am I going to get there? (Direction), and Why is this what you want and how do you know you will see it through to the end? (Passion).

I’d love the opportunity to help you out in this journey.