The Importance of Consistency


I think many of us fight to get to a place in life where we don’t have a bunch of daily obligations or commitments. We want passive income, flexible work schedules, and the vision of being about to drop everything and go somewhere. At some point in our lives, we can reach that point if we stay focused. What I’ve learned is this:

If you want to see continual, steady progress you need to be consistent.

So what is consistency in the sense I’m referring. In the realm of personal development, it means doing some of the same things everyday. It means reviewing your goals daily, it means spending time in prayer or meditation everyday, it means meeting with your coach regularly to stay on track.

As a Christian desiring to grow and become more like Jesus everyday, I need someone to regularly check in on me. Otherwise, I get lost.

So, my personal challenge to you or “homework” is set up a few things that you do every day. Get yourself into a routine that allows someone to check in with you regularly: friend, family, coach.

Trust me, if you allow yourself to drift, it will be the WRONG direction.


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