Why? No. Really.


Remember that game you would play, or maybe someone plays on you where they just ask “why?” They just kept asking it. Over and over again. It really does beg the questions: Why are you reading this now? Why did you get out of bed this morning? Why do you work where you do? Why did you marry who you did?

Maybe you have a great answer to all of these questions, or maybe it has been awhile since you thought about it. I know I needed to think about it.

Why should I get up in the morning? To serve others, to make a difference, and ultimately to worship God in my daily life. Do i live in that reality? Not enough,

Why do I work where I do? If I couldn’t answer that question I don’t think I could keep doing what I’m doing.

Aristotle said something to the effect of: “the unexamined life isn’t worth living.” If you are going through the motions or taking things for granted, you might ought get off that track. Life is too short and has way too much importance to stay there.

Homework:Use this thought to guide your decision making today. Ask yourself why. Let that bring focus, passion, and intensity to your life.


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