The Power of Mood


As I have mentioned before, I teach high school students. I teach a couple computer and business classes. I have learned a lot of things on the job that I never would have in a college classroom studying education theory.

One of the priceless ones is this:

Your students’ mood often will reflect yours

For students you could replace it with: coworkers, boss, subordinates, kids, spouse. This is a big deal. Meaning: If I’m irritable and impatient, they are probably going to get uneasy as well.  If I’m positive and upbeat, that is usually contagious as well. I’ve had days where my kids read me like a book. They’d say “Are you okay?” “Everything alright” when I was upset or just tired. The other thing I got told was people had no problem putting at risk kids in my room because I always stayed calm. Kids that are irritable need someone who is steady and mellow.

My wife wishes sometimes I would get more excitable, but the truth is, I think we balance each other perfect. Ultimately the point I want to make is this (cliche alert): Is your attitude worth spreading? Is some little event in your day or life being allowed to take over your well being?

Homework Assignment: Assess your mood. Figure out what has caused it today. Solve or put away the things that are irritating (stuff that needs to be done, bad comments through the day) and remember the positives. It probably isn’t that bad, and if it is, get some help or spend some time in prayer.


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