Coaching Styles and their Motivational Effect


I played NCAA D2 Baseball. I’ve had a few sport coaches. I’ve had good ones, bad ones, dads, college kids, and moms. I remember most of them. Some motivated with a soda after the game. Some motivated by fear (a former D1 coach who took a team to the College World Series.) I can remember getting cursed out for wrong footwork on a fielding play from pitcher to first.

The best coaches I have ever had expressed their belief in me. They told me what good they saw in me. Some to my face, some in their body language, and some through the yearly preview newspaper article. The moral of the story:

If you want people to perform under or around you, express your positive belief in them. Express open praise to them

Your mission: go out of your way to tell someone you think highly of why you do. Watch them light up.


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