What is it all worth? Finding Material Contentment


I have often pondered, “How can I get myself more financially healthy,” which is usually code for “I just want more stuff or experiences.” Maybe that’s just me.

We look to money as a functional savior, when it was never intended to be.

If I made $200,000 a year, I’d still have troubles, and I’m sure I’d just upgrade the things on my wish list.

On top of not gaining contentment, I might actually be hamstringing my own happiness. Here are some ideas to keep yourself out of that mindset:

1. Put your situation into proper perspective. Do I lack for needs, or just wants? Compared to many people’s situation across the world, how am I doing?

2. Think about and reflect on all the good things you have. Giving thanks for what you have is like praying for someone you are mad at. It’s almost an instant remedy.

3. Show your possessions who owns them by selling and giving some away. Also be generous and give some of your money to a good cause or a friend in need. You will be shocked at how good you will feel.

Try it out, and let me know how it goes!


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