My Life would be so much better if…….?


Most likely you filled in that sentence, or you are doing it now.

  • A fulfilling relationship with someone who “gets” me
  • Financial stability
  • A feeling of fulfillment or purpose at work
  • A career that matches passions and skill-set
  • The ability to prioritize responsibilities and tasks

I can think of a few myself. I often get wrapped up in these things: what’s next, what can I get, who can I beat? What is that really about though? For the rich, there is never enough.

True, ultimate fulfillment only comes from realizing your ultimate purpose in God’s plan.

I also believe tapping into your resources and God-given talents and abilities and using them for the greater good is where you find yourself most happy.

So, I’d love to hear from you…what’s one answer to the title question, and one thing you are gifted or able to do that you can do to serve? Let me know in the comments below!


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