Bend, but Don’t Break!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlexibility. It’s a good thing in athletics. We stretch all the time to prevent injuries from vigorous use of different muscle groups. What can this tell us about how we respond to life’s curveballs?

Allowing our muscles to fully extend allows them greater flexibility and develops a greater range of motion, which leads to enhanced athleticism. From a mental perspective, flexibility is also a great way to prevent injury. The times I’m most frustrated at work or feel the least amount of patience is when a wrench gets thrown into my plans or routine. Life happens. People do silly things. Things come up. The difference between coming out of it with your peace intact is flexibility. If I expect everything to run according to my schedule and on my terms, I’m going to spend much of my life frustrated. However, if I anticipate and expect things to come up to interrupt my life pattern, I’m going to be ready and patient when many people are feeling what I would normally feel.

If we can’t around life’s challenges, we will most certainly break

What gain is there in flexibility? At work I might be the peacemaker. The boss may recognize me as a leader with a level head. This is never a bad thing. In life: If I come home from work after having things thrown my way and reacting to them poorly, likely my wife will have to bear some of that frustration. If I’m flexible, I will come home without that extra baggage.

So today, recognize stuff is going to come up that will be completely out of your control. Just roll with the hurdles the best you can realizing you are just getting more flexible and retaining the peace you want and projecting the calm strength you want others to see in you. Have a great day!


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