So, I Wrote an Ebook!


I decided to try something new and write a short book and list it on amazon. I really had no idea on how to format it or what platform to use, but I found the answers very quickly.

This project was not in my prior skill set or was it something I had any experience in. It challenged me to learn, react, and create something from scratch. When I finished the book, I felt a great sense of accomplishmen and I definitely learned something. The book is on the left sidebar if you’d like to check it out.

It’s a quick guide with practical steps on how to get more out of each day including: better goal setting, learning a new skill, trade, or information, developing your network, and a few more! I’d love to hear back about an adventure or risk you’ve recently taken and how it turned out!


What our Young People (and the rest of us) Need.


Watch the news….or on second thought, don’t. It’s bad. Putin is being passive aggressive, North Korea is building nukes, Kim Kardashian ate a Pretzel. (Not sure what is the worst in the list).

I daylight as a High School business teacher and coach. I work with teenagers every day. I work with 14 year olds just trying to fit in and I work with 18 year olds trying to find their way out of the building (which is really soon if they pass their classes!).

The thing I find about teenagers is (and is no shock) is that they really don’t think “down the road.” They think about tonight and maybe next week, but there is no long-term vision. Now, if they had one, it may change weekly.

Teens and even college students just don’t stop enough to really evaluate their lives. “Am I studying something I will use in the future?” “Am I dating someone I would like to marry?” “What is my 5 year plan?”

Even more than that, they don’t stop and think about what their lasting legacy will be. I have an acquaintance that is a former college athlete that saw his brother tragically die in a car wreck some years ago. Having that “opportunity” changed the entire trajectory of his life.

In reality, this isn’t just a teenage problem is it? I’m just going to leave this video here and let you watch it. Powerful stuff. Allow this “opportunity” to change you today.

Accountability and the Fallen Athlete


It seems every week or so we read or hear a story about a high profile athlete falling from grace. Whether it be Dustin Johnson for undisclosed reasons, Johnny Manziel going into rehab, Josh Hamilton admitting a relapse into drugs, or of course Tiger Woods’ infamous scandal, the hits keep coming.

Each case is as unique as the individual, but ultimately, there is a way to keep out of it. I preach it a lot, and some of these guys are figuring it out:

It’s all about being “grounded.” This is a way overused term, but I think it fits well here. When you face incredible scrutiny and receive tons of compensation and fame for what you do, vices will follow. They will trail you like a detective on a tv show. 1 Peter 5:8 has something to say about that.

So, to go with my title, what would I tell them?

I would simply tell them they need to get back to being themselves pre-fame in their activities and lifestyle (to a degree at least). They need to find purpose and have someone willing to hold them accountable and be present in their lives.

I stress it a lot on here, but in the toolbox of helpful ideas, Accountability (daily, hourly, weekly) is one of the most powerful modes of bringing about change.

Often times we just wont call our own bluff. We can lie to ourselves or just suppress feelings and realities. We can tell ourselves we are “under control” or we will “bear down” to beat something. Honestly, we often times don’t have the strength individually.

So, if you are reading this thinking “how am I going to turn the corner?” then think about partnering up with someone. Run through your goals, your hopes, your vices, your struggles, and let them help you tackle them by challenging you.

How Far are you Willing to go?


Do you have any besetting bad habits, sin, or routines you find yourself in? How bad do you want to stop it? Often times people will find themselves deciding again and again to refrain from ever doing that thing again…whatever it is.

The truth is, they still don’t want it bad enough

Often times the way to trouble has a well worn path. The problem would be all but eradicated if the pathway was discarded. So you want to stop eating bad food…how about you quit buying it? Are you willing to let a friend check you on your purchases?

Accountability is a key component, and some of it is just being brave enough to scrap long held comforts of your life for the sake of improvement. It’s definitely a leap of faith, but it is a worthy one. Cut the head off the snake and kill your bad habit.

The Importance of Consistency


I think many of us fight to get to a place in life where we don’t have a bunch of daily obligations or commitments. We want passive income, flexible work schedules, and the vision of being about to drop everything and go somewhere. At some point in our lives, we can reach that point if we stay focused. What I’ve learned is this:

If you want to see continual, steady progress you need to be consistent.

So what is consistency in the sense I’m referring. In the realm of personal development, it means doing some of the same things everyday. It means reviewing your goals daily, it means spending time in prayer or meditation everyday, it means meeting with your coach regularly to stay on track.

As a Christian desiring to grow and become more like Jesus everyday, I need someone to regularly check in on me. Otherwise, I get lost.

So, my personal challenge to you or “homework” is set up a few things that you do every day. Get yourself into a routine that allows someone to check in with you regularly: friend, family, coach.

Trust me, if you allow yourself to drift, it will be the WRONG direction.

What Coaching is…


We are in the midst of a grinding basketball season. One night we win in dramatic Double-Overtime fashion. The next night we falter to an inferior team. The highs and lows. The ups and downs.

To me, coaching at the high school level in athletics really is paralleled to what I do as a life coach. I’m going to try to smooth out the highs and lows and make it run even. I’m going to counsel you on how to be more successful and track your progress. I’m going to be in your ear to encourage and also to challenge when necessary.

If you want to have someone like that in your corner, check me out on Odesk. Starting at $25 per hour.

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Business and Busyness


Ever wonder where the time went? I’ve recently been coaching basketball, which means a lot less time at home. It’s my job. I signed on to do it. Unfortunately, I often use that as an excuse to not get things done at home or at work as quickly as I could.

The cost can be enormous. When you aren’t fully “at home” when you are home, you are losing closeness with your loved ones, carrying stress about all the things you haven’t completed yet, and ultimately, you will be left wondering what you did with the time you had.

Homework: Take some time to evaluate what your favorite excuses are for not getting stuff done, and strike them down. Help out around the house, I’m sure the holidays have brought some stress out of the closet for the people around you. Be a helper.